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Kwaide is the second book in the award-winning Ammonite Galaxy series.




Diva and Six are still scrapping with each other, but manage to find the time to start a revolution on Kwaide.  At first it seems impossible that they could prove a threat to the Elders, but as word spreads around the planet they find themselves joined by more and more sympathizers.

Cimma is one of them – she and Diva are in their element; but Grace will have to take some agonizing decisions before very long, and will be forced to try to outwit an all-too-familiar enemy. 

Arcan may be prepared to help, but even his enormous intellect can’t predict just how far Atheron will go to safeguard Sellite interests.  Atheron has schemes to deal with all of them; starting with Six—

And there is a new visitor to the system, one who has come from thousands of light years away to meet Arcan ....

Kwaide is the sequel to Valhai, which was a 2011 finalist in the prestigious Parsec Awards, and won a 2011 Readers Favorite award, together with the accolade "... science fiction at its very best."

You can find a plan of the system on the "About the planet Kwaide" page




This is the website for the second book in The Ammonite Galaxy series, Kwaide.

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Here is a likeness of Six staring up at the shuttles during the battle of Kwaide:



And here is a likeness of Diva, very warrior-like:


Those of you who started with the series a while ago may recognize this image from the original cover. Unfortunately it has since become so popular as a stock photo that I had to change it. None of the images used ever do real justice to any of the characters in my mind, though. That's simply not possible!