Bragging rights are relative (The grass is always greener!)

Ladder to success

I remember seeing a Nathan Lowell post years ago, when he reached 500,000 downloads on the Podiobooks site. I immediately envisioned the day I would be doing that very same thing. It would be the day I would be as popular a writer as he is, I thought. It seemed the epitome of success.

Except it never quite works out as you think, does it? About ten days ago I finally reached the magic half a million downloads. As dreamed of, here I am bragging about it. I should feel a success, surely?

Well, not so much. Of course I am delighted to reach that (for me) magic number. But I have learned that success is ALWAYS relative. It is like riches … wherever you are on the ladder, there are always more rungs to be climbed.  And my 500,000, four or five years later, has not put me anywhere near the rarified air Mr. Lowell – very deservedly – breathes.  But it IS a step on the way.

What constitutes success? Is it only to be measured in monetary terms? By that standard I am a VERY long way away, still. Or, these days, is it by download numbers?

Or perhaps, writers should only hanker after just a couple of good reviews. After all, from there to infinite sales may only be a matter of scale!

To all those of you have downloaded Valhai … and the rest of the series … THANK YOU! You have helped me to climb one more rung on the way up my own personal ladder!


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