Xiantha, book three, now live on Podiobooks


The third book in my Ammonite Galaxy Series, Xiantha, has just gone live on Podiobooks, so I thought I would try to explain to those of you who have never visited the site what it is all about.

Podiobooks is a free audiobook site, where you can download whole books in serialized form, often narrated by the author.  You’ll find all sorts of authors there, from first-timers to favourite writers like Nathan Lowell, Scott Sigler, John Lenahan and many more. It is run by Evo Terra  and you can find it here at www.podiobooks.com.

There is now even an app, called Aha, which I believe comes pre-installed in some makes of car, or can be downloaded for free into cars and phones, etc, to make the whole process even easier.

So – check out what is available sometime.  You won’t be able to complain about the price, and you might find out a new way to while away those hours commuting!

Book Three – Xiantha is out!!!

Well, Xiantha finally went live on Amazon on 1st September!  This is Book Three in my series, The Ammonite Galaxy.

You can find the Kindle version at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094QU24K

And the paperback version at http://www.amazon.com/Xiantha-The-Ammonite-Galaxy-Volume/dp/846160282X

The tentative publishing date I have for Book Four, Pictoria, is 1st December 2012.  This is going to mean a huge amount of editing in the next weeks, but we wanted to bring it out before Christmas this year.

I hope you all enjoy this new instalment in the series – I would really like to hear what you think about Xiantha – you can reach me through the contact form on www.gillianandrews.com, (at http://www.gillianandrews.com/feedback.html) or through Goodreads, of course, or Google+. There are no reviews up on Amazon yet,     (bit much to expect after only half a day!)  – so that would be great too.

There are a few surprises … have fun!!   😉