Present or Past?

Past or Present I have been having a lot of trouble figuring out which tense to write the new masterpiece in, so here is a (fun) way to figure it out. Not to be taken too seriously, but hope it helps somebody. I still don’t know, so it hasn’t really done me much good!!


ALGORITHM TO help you DECIDE between present and past TENSE AND first and third PERSON FOR WRITING A NOVEL


1)  Is the main character(MC) actually present for the whole book?  (Is MC going to be in place to witness all we need to know?  Is the action we need expressly to know about going to be done when MC always present?)

YES – 8 points

NO – 0 points


2) Do you want to show other peoples thoughts and opinions, give their inner reasonings, get deeply into many points of view? (As opposed to being able to show everybody by dialogue and observation through MC’s eyes) Continue reading Present or Past?